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Are your School Fairs and Dry Grads too much work?

Are the same few parents trying to recruit and train new volunteers every year, or do you have a completely new group of parents who are eager to get going but not really sure where to go?

We have the experience, the equipment, the staff, the training, and the time to get you going in the right direction! We can take a lot of pressure off of you so that you too can enjoy your event!

We now offer incredible fund raising opportunities!

Our Casino Fund Raising events are booking fast and can raise a lot of money in an evening with comparatively little effort!

Don’t forget to check out the information that we have put together for you on how to make your school fair a financial success!

It is now legal to hold Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments to fundraise for charities, schools and community sports teams! Click here to get all the information you need.

Casino Nights Fundraiser

Casinos are fun for Corporate events, staff parties, private parties, and Christmas parties. They are a great and exciting way to fundraise.

Before you get started there are a few things to consider:


Having a realistic goal of how much money you want to make is a key starting point.


Consider how you will raise the funds required.


Keep your expenses down without compromising your evening.

Download our convenient Casino Night PDF document which outlines how to get your evening off to a great success. It will answer all of your basic start up questions. Then contact us to reserve your night and let the fun begin!

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