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Happy Customers

“Thank you so much for helping to make our Dry Grad so entertaining! I have heard nothing but positive comments from the kids! Your staff set up and cleaned up efficiently. We were pleasantly surprised that the package included staffing for the mechanical bull and the casino tables!”

Debbie, Fleetwood Park Dry Grad

“I would give you a 10/10! As of a matter of fact, I already gave your name out to someone that expressed interest. It terms of feedback, prior to the fair, we were in touch with your staff who were both very helpful and available to provide us with lots of information. They were all extremely friendly and answered the questions we had, responded promptly, and were overall amazing! As for the day itself, the team arrived on time. They were awesome at troubleshooting around last minute glitches (like the weather). They were great with the volunteer staff- explaining what to do, and being there for support. They were quick to set up, ran the stations smoothly- making it really fun for the kids. They cleaned up nicely. It was a pleasure to work with you and we are looking forward to next year already, thanks!”

Idit, Deep Cove

“We enjoyed the bungee run and the friendliness and efficiency of your staff. Overall, a good activity with helpful staff! I would definetly recommend you to another group, family member, or friend!”

Cindy McNeil, Mary Jane Shannon Elementary, Grade 7 Teacher