Peavey Sound System



This is it! The world’s finest packaged portable PA system, all self-contained in a molded Peavey Sound Systemcase with wheels and handle that you can transport like a piece of carry-on luggage. When you reach your destination, open up the case, and you have two speakers, complete with connecting cables & speaker stands and a microphone with cable. The five channel powered mixer offers 75 watts per channel and Peavey’s exclusive DDT(TM) to prevent clipping. There are 4 XLR microphone inputs with 15 volt phantom power and 2 stereo line level inputs (each with its own bass, Peavey Sound System treble and reverb controls). Main input and output controls use 60 mm linear faders. There is also a 5-band graphic EQ, digital reverb and a FLS(R) Feedback Locating System. The Escort’s case also has room for additional microphones and cables. So here it is, everything in one package that will allow you to use up to 4 microphones and two stereo line level sources (i.e. audio from your computer, VCR, DVD player, tape recorder, etc.). It will all sound great through the two impressive 2-way speakers with 10 inch woofers and piezoelectric horn tweeters.